Need Invisalign Teen?

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What Is Invisalign Teen?

The dentist can be a scary prospect for anyone but knowing the facts can help ease the tension. For those that are not a fan of traditional metal braces there is an alternative that has been tried and tested for years. Invisalign was originally designed for adult teeth but with invisalign teen your teen can now have the perfect teeth they always wanted. Invisalign is a series of clear retainer like trays that are molded to your teen’s mouth and designed to deliver minute corrections each month over a series of months until teeth are aligned perfectly. Just like having traditional braces tightened and loosened, having a new retainer made helps to deliver small adjustments to the teeth so that you can have a perfect smile.

A Free Consultation & Initial X-Ray

When Do I Need Invisalign Teen?

One of the best things about these braces is that they are clear so you cannot tell that any sort of correction is going on which is a plus for most teens. The cost has come down significantly over the years and now these retainers are about the same cost as traditional braces. Most insurances will also help pay for this procedure making it affordable and easy.