Need Dentures?

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What Are Dentures?

Dentures are a set of prosthetic teeth affixed to a comfortable mouth piece that slips in over the gums of the mouth. Upper and lower dentures are available and these are designed for people who have had all of their permanent teeth removed or have lost their teeth due to health problems. These prosthetic teeth are specifically designed to fit the size and shape of a patient’s mouth, using a precise molding and measuring process, so the mouth piece fits securely in place.

A Free Consultation & Initial X-Ray

When Do I Need Dentures?

Generally there are two types of dentures partial and complete, as you get older you will find that you will gradually begin to lose few teeth. When this happens, you can start with a pair of partial dentures and later as you loose more teeth you may need to upgrade to a complete set of dentures. It is very important to keep a good dental hygiene to help prevent losing more teeth, that could possibly results in need for a complete dentures. Please note that you may also need dentures due to an incident and age is not the only reason.