Need Retainers?

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What Are Retainers?

Any child or adult who has had the privilege of orthodontic braces knows that retainers are the final and continuing phase of achieving a beautiful smile. The braces did the manual labor and landscaping of your perfect alignment and bite. The retainer maintains its perfection by not allowing any imperfections to return by subtle dental shifting. The mouth is changing slightly on a daily routine similar to the rest of your body. If left to its own devices, your expensive dentistry can try to slip and slide about in such a manner that your perfect smile is imperfect for your future years, making it seem that the orthodontic sacrifices endured were wasted time, money and discomfort.

A Free Consultation & Initial X-Ray

When Do I Need Retainers?

All that is required to maintain your brilliant smile of celebrity status is to faithfully use your retainer with a religious fervor worthy of the dentistry it is protecting in “off duty” hours. The retainer should never be kept in an unhygienic place, but instead protected from accidental breakage or loss. The retainer is going to insure that your orthodontics last forever. Orthodontics that last forever make a perfect smile last your lifetime.