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What Are Fillings?

Dental fillings, also known as restorations, are a way to repair teeth that have been damaged. Typically, the damage comes as the result of dental caries, or cavities, but can also be caused by trauma to the tooth, such as a fall. If a tooth is about to receive a crown or other type of restoration, a filling might be done in preparation. The procedure begins with preparing the tooth, which could involve removing decay or areas of the tooth. When this is done, the restorative material can be placed. This can be from a number of materials, including an amalgam, a dental composite, porcelain or gold.

When Do I Need Fillings?

The usual way to know if you need a filling is if you have pain in a tooth. Sometimes you can visually see that there is a hole in your tooth or a break of some sort. A visit to the dentist may include an x-ray to locate cavities that are invisible to the eye. The dentist will use a filling to seal the hole and strengthen the tooth, to avoid further damage that could lead to a root canal.

Fillings Cost

Even though that the fillings costs are usually covered by your insurance, However; for those patients who have reached the cap on their insurance coverage or do not have any coverage, we do offer and an extensive list of payment plans, loans, and other types of credit. To to know more about the exact cost of a specific treatment and its insurance coverage, please click below to contact one of our treatment coordinators. They can help to break down your payment in easy to pay monthly installments so that you can enjoy affordable oral health. To save more be sure to check out our special page, join our monthly newsletter and Like our Facebook page to take advantage of offers and coupons that we have available throughout the month.

Why Choose Us?

When you are booking an appointment with Bella Dental, please do it with utmost confidence, because we have 100 years of combined experience in providing dental care to Houstonians. We pride ourselves in providing the best Quality of Care, having the most Affordable Service, and employing a leading Medical Team
Quality Care – We’re dedicated to giving you the best Quality Care.
Modern Facility – With over 10,000 SF Dentist Office in Katy
Expert Team– Award winning team with 100+ years of combined experience.
Affordable Service – Access to oral health for everyone in Katy.

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They – Bella Dental – are so friendly that you forget you’re at the dentist! They are so professional and they truly care about their patients.  Their waiting room was very relaxing and very family oriented, they have playground for kids as well.

Rosa Martinez

Doctors and the staff at this location are outstanding. I had a great experience and will recommend Bella Dental to all my friends and family. They took the time to ensure proper diagnosis, and provided the correct treatment.

Daniel Paxton

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