Need Oral Cancer Screen?

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What Is Oral Cancer Screen?

A dentist does an oral screening for cancer to look for the earliest signs of cancer in the mouth, under the tongue, or in the back of the throat. The identification of mouth cancers very early in their formation makes it easier to treat and remove them. A thorough oral exam by any competent dentist automatically includes looking for signs of infection, such as checking for swollen lymph glands, and makes a complete inspection of the mouth for any signs of cancer.

A Free Consultation & Initial X-Ray

When Do I Need Fillings?

If something looks suspicious, the dentist may recommend another procedure, such a as biopsy to determine if a growth is cancerous. A biopsy is a simple procedure, where the dentist takes a small sample of any growth, suspected to be cancerous. It is always a good idea to have a complete and thorough oral exam that includes looking for any evidence of oral cancer, performed by a qualified dentist every six months.