When a person walks into a national brand drug store or a grocery store, it is somewhat intimating when there are dozens of toothpaste choices and in some stores, an entire aisle dedicated to toothpaste. The staff at Bella Dental in Katy, TX prepared this guide to help patients understand the differences between toothpastes in order to assist them in choosing one

More and more people suffer from temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ), largely because of the high stress environment of the world. There are amazing pressures today that cause havoc on various parts of the body. Anyone with pain in the jaw area needs to consult a caring medical professional, such as one at Bella Dental, to find out if they have TMJ,

There’s no question about it — impacted wisdom teeth can spell real problems for your mouth. At Bella Dental in Katy TX, we advise our patients that even if they’re not experiencing pain and swelling now, chances are wisdom teeth that don’t fully “erupt” may cause trouble down the line. What are wisdom teeth? Sometime between ages  17 to